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Why you should never use a free VPN

Today virtual networks are very popular for solving personal security issues on the Internet – VPN. More and more people use them to circumvent network censorship in countries where there are severe restrictions, for example, in China. They try to buy a VPN program for their own safety. Thus, you can avoid viruses and have a great guard to protect your bank account by going to the Internet through public wi-fi. Trusting your own computer with high-quality services with reliable VPN servers, you use technologies that connect Why you should never use a free VPNtogether and use complex encryption for your data.

The danger of a free VPN
The market for these products is booming and today you can find more than 300 VPNs. Choosing among the servers on the market, I want to get the best. An attentive user will definitely notice that in addition to paid private networks, there are many free offers. If you want to save money, you should understand that this is not safe!

First, think about how a free service can cover its own costs, serving customers for free? The maintenance of sophisticated equipment and experienced professionals costs a penny. Most free apps on both iOS and Android have an unacceptable privacy policy. There is no transparency. It’s a sin to hide, often the user, hoping for confidentiality and anonymity, does not suspect – a free service earns by tracking your web traffic and collecting customer information.

It turns out that, seduced by the “cheese in a mousetrap”, they can track your confidential information. This includes personal interests, other confidential information, and even an IP address. Everything that you supposedly protect with the help of a VPN service, it can also track and record.

In addition to the main dangers, when using the free program, you will receive other undesirable phenomena in the form of a stream of annoying advertisements or a slow Internet connection. Often, free services use outdated encryption methods that cannot provide complete protection. Is it worth the risk of your own security when using a paid VPN is not so expensive?

Benefits of Paid VPNs
Choosing among the paid services, you will be sure of the following functions:

Guaranteed protection of your data. Service developers are constantly working on modern, new methods of encryption and their implementation.
Stable connection at any time of the day. Having experience using free services, everyone felt unreasonable connection failures and problems with downloading data. This is due to many technical problems and workloads.
Paid virtual network serves only the number of customers that can provide quality services.
High speed connections within your existing standards. This indicator will not change and will remain the same as before the connection. Sometimes the connection can become faster, especially if the VPN service is located in your country. Often the main speed limiter is the local Internet service provider.
Connecting to the software does not require special knowledge and skills. The service is designed for ordinary users and just a click of a button is enough to connect or disconnect from the service.
Working on the network, communicating, or simply browsing interesting information, each of the above items is important. Incorrect functioning of the service can spoil a pleasant pastime. Now that it’s clear that paid VPN is a priority, it’s important to make the right choice.

Rules for choosing the right service
Although the basic purpose of virtual private networks is similar, the options for their services may vary. Therefore, it is worthwhile to carefully approach the choice of the company. First think about what a VPN is for. After all, going to the store, you will not buy the first phone or laptop you get. The buyer will study the parameters, weigh the pros and cons, only after that will make the purchase. Same thing with VPN:

Using the service for the whole family will require several simultaneous connections. Such a service should be based on a router or offer similar features.
Streaming movies online is not possible without high speed and reliable connection. VPN in this case should not limit bandwidth.
Traveling frequently, people depend on public wi-fi networks. Therefore, pay attention to the VPN, which provides high security, as well as with the presence of servers in different parts of the world.
Having made a list of the main functions that are important to you, you can make the best choice and quite simply decide which paid private network to use!

Throw away doubts about choosing paid VPNs
Sometimes an ordinary user does not want to think about the difficulties of choice and draws attention to the advertising tricks of free servers.

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