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IP address in detail
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia IP-address (IP address, short for English. Internet Protocol Address) - a unique identifier (address) for a device (usually a computer) connected to a local network…

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SeaMonkey Web Browser Overview

Shrimp support is not as dynamic (in every way) as Firefox. But as it turned out, this has not only disadvantages, but also a number of advantages. I switched to this wonderful browser forced. At the time of writing my review on Firefox Gekko, it was updated to the 52nd version and due to the experiments of the developers it began to slow down significantly. But the main reason was the inability to use the web-developer panel, which did not work at that time a little less than completely.

And since SeaMonkey supports a small, but still a sufficient number of Firefox add-ons and is updated more slowly in terms of the Gekko engine, it was decided to switch temporarily and permanently to using this browser. Read the details in the article.

Now I switched back to Firefox Quantum and the return move can be considered quite comfortable. However, in September 2016, the creepy (you can not say otherwise) Firefox work became a real disaster for me, and SeaMonkey a real life buoy, because I work as a web programmer and for me the browser environment is not just an opportunity to watch a movie or read articles , and a full-fledged working tool.

Therefore, as a thank you to SeaMonkey, for helping out in difficult times, I decided to write this article. The transition from Firefox to one of the browsers on the Web-Kit engine was not even considered (it was more precisely considered, but a very short time), so I began to look for a normal alternative in the form of a reasonably working browser on the Gekko engine.

Of course, there are enough such browsers. These are WaterFox, K-Meleon, PaleMoon and a number of others. But everywhere either the version of the engine is already slowed down (52-56), or the support of HTML5 and CSS3 standards is insufficient (lagging). And for me it is very critical! Therefore, the only one satisfying all the criteria was SeaMonkey.

The transition was not painless. Enough impressive part of additions Forefox SeaMonkey does not support. I had to embark on a long search for alternatives and compromises. And they were found nevertheless, and if I lost in convenience, speed and comfort of work, but practically retained the functionality of the browser. And that at that time was extremely important.

Download Seamonkey
SeaMonkeySeaMonkey Go To Website
A cross-platform extensible browser with a built-in mailer, chat and toolkit for web developers. A stable browser on the Gecko engine, compatible with Firefox extensions, at the level supports modern HTML5 and CSS3 standards. It supports an order of magnitude fewer extensions. Shrimp works stably, quickly and does not hang.
You can download SeaMonkey (localized) on the site of the Russian Mozilla community. To see the list of available add-ons, go to and select SeaMonkey as the browser in the drop-down menu at the top of the page. Mozilla add-ons site is now available in the new version. Therefore, if you see what is on the left during the transition

addons firefox

you need to scroll the site to the end of the page and in the footer click on the link “Show site for regular computers”:

old mozilla add-ons site

and in the upper right in the “Other applications” select SeaMonkey (example in the photo above on the right).

Seamonkey Add-ons
In the light of the latest news about the sale of the LastPass password manager and its sharply dropped rating (and there is a reason for it to fall), a very important point is that SeaMonkey works and (does not update to trash) an old version of this wonderful password manager in the past. So, the first addition:

LastPassLastPass Password Manager Go to Add-ons Page
The extension is a repository and password manager. You need to remember one master password from LastPass, the extension will remember and fill in the remaining passwords for you. There is an opinion that this is a dangerous way, because if the application is hacked, all your passwords will go to the attackers.

To avoid this, it is enough to provide all your passwords with a subscript at the end (or at the beginning). For example, grandmother’s birthday and erase this postscript in LastPass immediately after it saves your next password.

Version 3.3.4 is suitable for working in SeaMonkey, which can be downloaded and installed using the link above. For reference, a screenshot is provided below.
LastPass 3.3.4

The design of the SeaMonkey interface is a bit conservative, however, in recent versions there have been positive changes in this direction. Like Firefox, there is support for themes. There are much fewer of them, but enough to choose a topic that suits you.

In addition to design, SeaMonkey has some drawbacks in the interface device, which makes it not very convenient to use the browser. This is also fixed by a couple of add-ons.

Download Status BarDownload Status Bar Go To Website
The extension adds a file upload status bar to SeaMonkey. By default, when downloading files, download information is loaded in a separate window. And it is very inconvenient. This add-on solves this problem.

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