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Mozilla Firefox Web Browser Overview

For more than 10 years I have been using the “Firefox” browser in my daily work on my PC and have gained a decent experience, which I hasten to share. This article is an introductory FAQ for beginners, which reveals and demonstrates the main features of the browser. This article is also a guide to setting up Firefox for beginners. So to say, “read before use.”

Most users simply install the browser and use it as is. Naked Firefox loses to WebKit browsers in a number of ways. At the same time, if we try to dress up (set up) the browser at least a little, then WebKit browsers (Chrome, Opera, etc.) will start to play strongly, and Firefox – vice versa. After all, with the help of extensions, this wonderful browser can be turned into an ultra-convenient assistant that can make work on the Internet many times more convenient.

Since Firefox can be configured for very different tasks, this review contains general (basic) setup instructions that will be useful to everyone without exception – setting up the Firefox interface, working with bookmarks, installing an extension for convenient work.

Download and Install Firefox
Anyone who is not familiar with this browser can download Firefox for free. Installing Firefox is quite simple, so I won’t describe this process separately. Download the file, answer a couple of questions during installation – and that’s it. I only note that different versions of the browser are available on the site and it is important to understand the difference between them.

Nightly (nightly builds, for developers)
Beta (beta, for pre-release debugging)
Release (current version for users)
ESR (enhanced support version)
Firefox Releases

Basically, everyone always uses the 3rd option and download the latest version. This is not always justified. The latest version contains not only the latest technologies and innovations, but also possible hidden problems. This applies to any product (not just browsers).

For example, the latest Firefox 51 update of January 24, 2016 noticeably freezes, since it has implemented multiprocessor support, which should distribute the load between the processor cores. But the technology is still new and is undergoing a run-in, with the tabs hanging and this causes dissatisfaction. In the next version it will be debugged, but everyone needs to use it now, and not tomorrow.

Therefore, I suggest you pay attention to option 4 – the ESR update channel. Versions on it are not so often updated (mainly security updates). All sorts of buns in Firefox ESR do not get right away, but already being 100% stable and debugged.

download firefox

The update calendar (when to wait for the next batch of buns) can be found in the Mozilla Wiki – “Update Calendar” (RapidRelease Calendar). As you can see from the calendar, on March 6, version 52 will be available on the ESR channel and will be updated as part of this version by the end of the year. At the same time, by the end of 2017, version 61 will be available on the Release channel.

In general, decide for yourself which Firefox to download – newer or more stable. I sat on the ESR channel for a long time, but as a site developer it’s not very convenient for me, but for surfing the sites (surfing) this is quite sufficient.

If you just want to experiment, you can download the browser in a portable version: Firefox Portable. This version works right from the folder, without installing Firefox on the system.

Configure Firefox
Configuring Firefox, selecting and configuring plug-ins and add-ons for the browser, customizing the interface and appearance of Firefox, as well as working with information and bookmarks in the browser is a more complicated process. I will talk about this below.

Honestly, there were times when I once again downloaded Google Chrome and tried to switch to it (there were already three attempts). And each time he took advantage of it for some time, he came to the conclusion that the idea was once again doomed.

For reference, I will give here links to other Firefox sites that can help find answers to some questions:

Mozilla Firefox Information

.RU community

Mozilla Support Knowledge Base

Support Forum

Firefox skins, interface customization
To change the design of the Firefox interface, a huge number of add-ons have been written for every taste and color. If you want to go beyond changing the background of the header, but completely change the design of Firefox, please. More than 400 different full-fledged themes for changing the design to your taste. Not all are suitable for the latest versions of Firefox, but several dozen themes are suitable for any version.

themes for firefox

You want to return everything as it was after the next interface update, and not sit, nostalgia, complain about the dictatorship and get used to the new ultimatum – please. Web-Kit browsers don’t have that kind of freedom.

The first thing I do after installation is setting up the Firefox interface. You can do this by clicking on the settings menu button on the right, then clicking on + Change at the bottom. The algorithm is simple:

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