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What is a firewall and why is it needed?
We will not go into little things like translating words, occupying them some part of the article. Just point out that a firewall (from the English - fire wall), or…

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Security in Firefox Browser
When working on the Internet, the highest priority should be to ensure the safety of users. Indeed, in the "global web" there is a huge number of fraudulent sites and…

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Home network: Ethernet or Wi-Fi
If you do not go into the jungle of network technology and do not utter such terrible words as a router, a switch, a hub and a routing table, the…

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Removing SMS viruses

Recently, viruses that require sending SMS have become a very popular and profitable type of money withdrawal from cybercriminals. As a result of this, a lot of varieties of SMS viruses have appeared. There are not only viruses that require SMS for viewing porn sites, but also disguise for installing and updating programs, locking the system due to unlicensed use, and so on and so forth. The whole variety of varieties in the form of screenshots can be observed here, for example.

ransomware sms virus

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Mozilla Firefox Web Browser Overview

For more than 10 years I have been using the “Firefox” browser in my daily work on my PC and have gained a decent experience, which I hasten to share. This article is an introductory FAQ for beginners, which reveals and demonstrates the main features of the browser. This article is also a guide to setting up Firefox for beginners. So to say, “read before use.”

Most users simply install the browser and use it as is. Naked Firefox loses to WebKit browsers in a number of ways. At the same time, if we try to dress up (set up) the browser at least a little, then WebKit browsers (Chrome, Opera, etc.) will start to play strongly, and Firefox – vice versa. After all, with the help of extensions, this wonderful browser can be turned into an ultra-convenient assistant that can make work on the Internet many times more convenient.

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SeaMonkey Web Browser Overview

Shrimp support is not as dynamic (in every way) as Firefox. But as it turned out, this has not only disadvantages, but also a number of advantages. I switched to this wonderful browser forced. At the time of writing my review on Firefox Gekko, it was updated to the 52nd version and due to the experiments of the developers it began to slow down significantly. But the main reason was the inability to use the web-developer panel, which did not work at that time a little less than completely.

And since SeaMonkey supports a small, but still a sufficient number of Firefox add-ons and is updated more slowly in terms of the Gekko engine, it was decided to switch temporarily and permanently to using this browser. Read the details in the article.

Now I switched back to Firefox Quantum and the return move can be considered quite comfortable. However, in Continue reading

Linux operating systems

Linux is not an operating system, but just its kernel. Everything that you are accustomed to see and understand as an OS (buttons, windows and panels) – in fact, it is not. What you see is the GUI (Graphical user interface), that is, the graphical user interface, also called the graphical environment or graphical shell. GUI is a program designed to simplify the life of the user so that he does not suffer from the console. In fact, any OS looks like a console, that is, like the good old DOS.

The types of operating systems built on the Linux kernel vary widely both in providing a working environment and in the set of applications available in the OS. This is partly because some programs support only some GUIs or depend on other programs that are not in the system. A quick overview of the differences Continue reading

Apple iPhone OS

Preamble: Recently, all sorts of mobile and, especially fashionable, cloud technologies have captured the attention of mankind. Desktops and laptops faded into the background, giving way to more compact and attractive toys for leisure and business. Our new friends not only know how to polyphony, show pictures and surf the Internet, but also become fashionable accessories that it’s a sin not to put on a cafe table next to a cup of tea, from time to time sliding the index finger on the inscription “Slide to unlock”. But the day is heading towards the evening, your electronic partner is tired and he has to go on a charge. Well, insert the USB tail where necessary … let it rest.

Guest article written by Maxim Mozaev specifically for Nevor.ru. Maxim is well versed in all kinds of glands and actively uses Apple products. I don’t use the products of the fruit company myself, so I had to invite a competent person who is in the topic to write this article. Continue reading

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