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Capacitor Replacement
In the element base of the computer (and not only) there is one bottleneck - electrolytic capacitors. They contain electrolyte, electrolyte is a liquid. Therefore, heating such a capacitor leads…

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Apple iPhone OS
Preamble: Recently, all sorts of mobile and, especially fashionable, cloud technologies have captured the attention of mankind. Desktops and laptops faded into the background, giving way to more compact and…

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Cleaning your computer from dust
The topic Cleaning a computer (judging by queries in a search engine) from the point of view of the user for the most part involves cleaning the garbage of the…

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Forum Communication

The Internet has become an integral part of life. Since the Internet is an American invention, many terms have no direct analogues in the Russian language. For example, cookie. In the direct translation – cookies, in Internet terminology – a piece of data about your actions on the site.

There are separate areas with a whole group of own terms (for example, forums). Therefore, using the Internet, it is important to know and understand some of the terms that are used on the Internet. About the most common of them – this article.

Forum forum discord. It is inappropriate to compare the communication and terms of the culinary forum with the forum of civil engineers. But a few common terms are used everywhere. About them below. Continue reading

How to choose a service on the Internet

Nowadays, electronic gadgets are firmly in use, and with them the Internet. There, according to the trend of the time, the service sector is also moving. Even in my small city with a population of about 100,000, I can’t say exactly where this company or company is located (and whether it is located at all). And will-not-will have to look for information on the Internet.

And here you can encounter the problem of the quality and reliability of information, find a company that really provides services for a long time, quality and established itself in the market, or you can stumble on incompetent specialists or an interlayer company that collects orders and sells them to other companies, or even all at swindlers. Continue reading

Code optimization

In the process of writing code, it is impossible to detect all errors and correct them. Writing a code, especially in large volumes, is a monotonous thing, somewhat tedious and often repeated, so the eye becomes blurry. Search and correction of errors is for me personally a separate finishing procedure. In addition to obvious errors, illogical sections of code often pop up, which also have to be rewritten, simplified, and eliminated.

In addition to fixing errors and other shortcomings, you need to take care of optimizing content for search engines. Search engines impose certain requirements on websites, which only multiply every year, and if you have not decided to deliberately close the site from indexing, you should adhere to these requirements. Continue reading

Online Programs

With the development of the Internet, cloud services and various online software are becoming more widespread. Some of the services are paid, but mostly services at such sites are provided for free. In my daily work I myself use a few about a dozen of these services.

Often, in terms of quality of work, they are not inferior to similar software installed on the computer. And since the Internet is firmly entrenched in everyday life and in the minds – the sooner the more programs were installed on a PC, the more it could do. Today, a suddenly broken Internet makes a PC virtually useless. The sense of installing unnecessary software in the system is less and less, and using online more and more. Today, most programs replace bookmarks in an Internet browser. Continue reading

License Review Article

Before we talk about licenses, I would like to touch on the subject of licensing in order to clarify. So, licensing is most often designed to preserve the source code (source code) from encroachment. What is it? Literally, the computer code of a program in any programming language.

What advantages does it give? There are absolutely no ordinary users, but a programmer can easily determine by him the principle of the program’s work, be able to track all its actions, what is happening, why and for what. It’s like observing the construction of a house from the window of your apartment or working as an engineer at this construction site. You know the source code – you know all the secrets. Continue reading

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Code optimization
In the process of writing code, it is impossible to detect all errors and correct them. Writing a code, especially in large volumes, is a monotonous thing, somewhat tedious and…


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